Disconnecting From The Ex: The Social Media Edition

In Tara Eisenhard’s article, she examines the benefits that disconnecting yourself from the world of social media has while going through a separation.   While you may question why you have to be the one to delete your Facebook or block certain people from your Twitter account, the idea is that by taking a break from social media, you can create a buffer and/or protect yourself from any unnecessary drama and focus on the real issues and your well being.




Interview with Tracy Miller – July 29th, 2016

We want to help people to avoid the inevitable expensive and time consuming war that happens in the traditional process.   Tracy explains the benefits of going through the Clarity Process vs the Traditional Process with Jamie West on CHML 900.



The Benefits Of Forgiving Your Former Spouse

Forgiveness is a powerful thing and comes with many advantages, however it is often the most difficult thing to do.  In her blog article, Deborah Moskovitch looks at the benefits of forgiving an ex-spouse, how forgiveness helps to let go of the negative emotions as well as any control an ex-spouse may have.


11 Reasons Divorce is Better Than Staying in a Bad Marriage by Brittney Wong, Divorce Editor for the Huffington Post

This article discusses reasons why divorce is a preferable option to staying in an unhappy and unhealthy marriage.

“Life is far too short to spend it immersed in an unhealthy relationship.”