I Have To Pay How Much Support!?

When clients are trying to work out the issues that have arisen as a result of the separation, one of the most difficult issues can be support. Spousal support is scary for clients. There are all kinds of horror stories out there of how people ended up destitute because of support they had to pay.

First, do not listen to the horror stories people are all too anxious to tell you. Every situation is different. I have had many clients come in and ask me about their friend’s stories. No disrespect intended, I know a lot of stories have been embellished quite a bit.

It is a bad idea for people to go on-line and pluck a number from a child support table or a number from a spousal support table and then assume that is what to be paid. You cannot just pick these numbers from thin air without considering the broader context.

In my experience, most spouses do not want to see their ex living on the street. Once we do a financial analysis of the living situations of each spouse, it is amazing how then, there can be a realistic discussion of who pays how much. Part of that discussion includes how other debts will be paid or how your children’s sports and activities will be paid.
In the end, there are now two homes and two sets of living expenses which have to be paid on the same income. Both spouses need to be realistic and willing to get down and work out a resolution. It is possible.